31. October 2023
  • Benchmark

Mobile network test: Serbia 2023

With over 945 points out of a possible 1,000, mts Telekom Serbia achieves "Most Reliable Network" 2023

Serbia’s Most Reliable Mobile Network

Serbian mobile operator mts Telekom Serbia is Serbia’s Most Reliable Network 2023. The result is based on a nationwide measurement carried out by NET CHECK between May and July 2023. NET CHECK’s measurement technicians took measurement samples in 39 cities and towns across Serbia, as well as on the connecting roads.


The three major mobile providers tested were mts Telekom Serbia, Yettel and A1. With a total score of 945.94 points, mts/Telekom Srbija achieved the highest score as “Most Reliable Network”, followed by A1 with 933.46 and Yettel with 920.33 points.

“Most Reliable Network” represents consistently reliable performance of a mobile network and is a critical factor in ensuring seamless and uninterrupted communication and data services.


“The award is of great importance to us because it shows that we provide our users with services of the highest reliability and quality. They are the ones who give meaning to our work, because no one builds a network for the sake of it, but to make people’s lives easier, more beautiful and more fun in the modern world,” a delighted Đorđe Marović, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Telekom Srbija, says.


The measurement specialists from NET CHECK tested the basic KPIs of the voice and data services. For this, they collected around 54,000 data samples and made around 4,300 test calls per operator. “The ranking is based on NET CHECK’s benchmarking methodology, which focuses on evaluating the end-user experience. We assessed service accessibility, availability, network quality and performance. The certificate as the most reliable network is a confirmation of the consistently reliable performance that Telekom Srbija provides to its customers for key voice and data services,” says Detlef Zernick, Managing Director of NET CHECK.


The report can be downloaded here: