Mobile connectivity is critical to modern communications, Internet access, job efficiency and social participation.

We help mobile operators improve their networks, enhance customer experience and secure market share.

Comprehensive Benchmark Solutions for Mobile Networks

We want to drive mobile network expansion for the benefit of customers. To do this, we measure and analyse the performance of the mobile networks and the user-perceived quality.

We understand that the quality and reliability of networks are critical to maintaining customer satisfaction and staying ahead of the competition. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive suite of benchmarking solutions designed to help network operators optimize their network performance and make informed strategic decisions.

Proven Methodology

Our measurements follow the NET CHECK benchmarking methodology in all markets. It is based on ETSI assessments and defines framework conditions and standards for the setup and the values to be measured. In this way, we guarantee uniform and comparable results.

By using mobile network benchmarks, mobile network operators can identify areas where their network needs improvement and prioritise network upgrades and investments accordingly. They can also gain inside information about competitors and widen the gap between them. They gain insights to set achievable goals, measure progress, and make informed decisions that help improve their network and business success.

Our Benchmarking Modules & Services

The drive tests cover big, medium and small cities, motorways, main roads and rural roads. The measuring equipment is placed in the roof boxes and collects data on the performance of voice and data services.
The walk tests cover important areas of interest like landmarks, malls, airports, and main train stations connected by public transport. The measurement engineers carry special backpacks containing the measurement equipment.
Crowdsourcing data enables a high-resolution analysis with large geographical coverage. A measurement SDK is embedded in apps representatively used across all operators. It runs constantly in the background without impacting user experience, battery consumption, or data volume.
Data Services
Data services are tested through sequences consisting of web browsing on frequently visited web-pages, playing a YouTube video, network capacity tests as well as interactivity tests that simulate online gaming and online meetings.
Voice & Multi-RAB
Voice services are tested through sequences of a series of mobile-to-mobile voice calls, consisting of standard calls, WhatsApp calls as well as calls during which a data download
session is executed simulating internet usage during a call (Multi-RAB).
Deep Dive Analysis
Our report deliveries include call data records (CRD), detailed KPI reports, failure classification (root cause analysis) as well as competitor insights with detailed overviews of your and your competitors' performances for each measured KPI and a Ranking and GAP analysis.

Our latest Benchmark Reports

Germany's toughest and largest independent network test in cooperation with CHIP magazine.
Certificate 'Slovenia's Best Mobile Network' 2023/07 to A1
Certificate 'London't Best Mobile Network' 2023/07 to Vodafone UK
Fixed Broadband network test in cooperation with CHIP magazine
Certificate 'Best Mobile Network" 2023/02 to m:tel
Benchmark for Croatian regulator authority HAKOM
Germany's toughest and largest independent network test in cooperation with CHIP magazine.
Certificate 'Serbia's Best Mobile Network' 2022/06 to Telekom Srbija
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