10. October 2023
  • Benchmark

Mobile benchmark: This is Slovenia’s best mobile network

In the overall ranking, A1 wins ahead of Telemach and Telekom Slovenia.

What is the best mobile network in Slovenia?

To find out, the measurement technicians from NET CHECK drove around 2,927 kilometers through Slovenia in July 2023. Of this, 1,754 kilometers were accounted for by inner-city measurement trips in a total of 27 cities, while 1,173 kilometers were covered by the test drivers on connecting roads.


The result: As in the 2022 benchmark, A1 also achieved the highest score this year with 927.6 out of a possible 1,000 points. Telemach came in second with 906.8 points, while Telekom Slovenia was third with 894.4 points. Compared to last year’s measurement results, A1 was even able to improve once again and further extend its lead over the runner-up.


The measurement specialists at NET CHECK tested both data and voice services. For this purpose, they collected around 25,000 data samples per operator. For the voice services assessment, around 2,200 test calls were made and 10 voice samples were collected for each of these calls, resulting in a total of around 22,000 voice samples.


The full report can be viewed here:


Benchmark Report Slovenia 2023