Mobile Services for Railway, Bus & co

A good internet connection increases passenger satisfaction.

Together with us, you can improve connectivity on public transport.

Tailored solutions for mobile communications measurements

Our autonomous measurement devices are optimized for use in public transport and deliver reliable mobile network measurements around the clock.
We have developed methodologies and metrics that map the actual customer experience in public transport (QoS/QoE KPI).
We are the only manufacturer in Germany to offer measurement systems that are tested and approved for use in all rail vehicles.

Connectivity in public transport

Access to good mobile communications – for Internet use or telephone calls, via cellular networks or on-board WLAN – can be a crucial element in choosing a mode of transport. Travel time can thus be used productively or for relaxation.

From the point of view of a rail or bus network operator, good on-board connectivity thus becomes a primary economic success factor that translates directly into higher revenues. However, trains are inherently low permeability to mobile signals, so technical and structural adaptations are necessary.

We have developed methodologies, metrics and measurement tools that are specifically tailored to the field of local and long-distance public transport and reflect the actual customer experience. As a result, we are the only provider certified for railroads to offer an all-round service to enable measurements and diagnostics for continuous improvement of connectivity in public transportation.


Our services for local and long-distance transport

For network operators
Would you like to improve connectivity in public transport and railroad stations?

We provide data recordings and analyses that enable you to detect weak points and their causes and to optimize your network in a targeted way.
For rail operators
Are you looking to provide your customers with the best possible travel experience, additional services and work opportunities on the train?

We provide the measurement systems and analyses that evaluate networks from the customer's point of view and provide a sound basis for decision-making.
Public transport
Would you like to offer your customers more convenience through WLAN?

We help you determine which combination of mobile network and hardware will enable you to achieve which service qualities.
For regulators
You want to check the service coverage on railroad lines?

We offer certified measurement systems and comprehensive services that provide you with valid and reliable data.
For measurement service providers
We offer a wide range of proven measurement systems, from mobile devices to autonomous test equipment, which are permanently installed and enable continuous data acquisition with low manpower requirements.
For long-distance bus providers
Do you wish to offer additional services to your customers?

We determine for you what potential the existing networks on your routes have and what you can achieve with which hardware options for the various mobile networks.

Autonomous measurement devices

Autonomous measurement systems run unattended and provide reliable measurements of cellular and WLAN quality around the clock.

ACT-Rail: Checking the network quality in the passenger compartment

The ACT-Rail measuring devices are permanently installed in the passenger compartments. They thus measure the connection quality from the customer’s point of view (Quality of Service QoS, Quality of Experience QoE).

ACT-SCAN: Area-wide verification of network coverage

ACT-SCAN “scans” the environment for available frequencies. It delivers high scan rates even across multiple frequency bands and networks, i.e., high spatial resolution even at higher speeds in mobile operation.

ACT-FMU: Flexible Measurement Units

Whether placed in cabs or stationary, ACT-FMU (Flexible Measurement Unit) autonomous driving test systems provide around-the-clock, year-round monitoring. They support single, group or fleet operation and provide secure data acquisition and transmission for any number and size of networks of all technologies.

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