Quality Measurements of
Fixed Broadband Internet

How good is the Internet connection at home, at work or in offices?

We offer comprehensive solutions for measuring the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) of fixed network Internet connections.

My network in competition

Demands on wireline communications networks are becoming increasingly stringent. With the increasing use of high-speed and latency-sensitive applications, it is becoming more and more difficult for internet service providers to guarantee a good experience for their customers. In this context, customer experience is crucial to secure market share in the fast-moving converged environment.

In addition to Quality of Service (QoS), we also survey Quality of Experience (QoE). This not only provides internet providers with important insights into their strengths, weaknesses and market position. Our customers use the data and analyses as a basis for their successful deployment strategy and optimal investment planning.

Extensive Database

By combining three different testing methods, we provide a unique performance overview of all providers with high accuracy, statistical relevance, and meaningful results.

Our speed test on the website of our partner CHIP provides thousands of users with reliable measurements of their internet connection every day.
NET CHECK test boxes are connected to the routers and regularly measure directly at the source of the Internet connection. Over 1000 boxes are currently in use across Germany.
We have the largest crowdsourcing platform in Germany, through which more than one million users generate around 144 million data points every day.

With our data, you can answer the following questions:

How well does my network perform against the competition?
Compare network performance using relevant KPIs on network quality and customer experience.
In which regions can I expand my market position?
Find out where you can improve your position vis-à-vis the competition through targeted investments.
Where should I invest in fiber?
Identify regional changes in competitors' network quality and anticipate developments.
Where are my competitors expanding their networks?
Detect regional changes in competitors' network quality and anticipate developments.
Do I meet customer satisfaction requirements?
Avoid churn by identifying early on where coverage performance might fall short of customer expectations.
What strategies is my competition pursuing?
Find out where competitors' networks are underperforming or overprovisioning and take action.

Access Detailed Test Data via our Cloud Platform

  • Clear and concise visualizations
  • Detailed reports with contract-related KPIs
  • Map views & geographic evaluations
  • Continuous measurements and daily updates
  • Access from anywhere via a web-based interface

Further information on our fixed broadband measurements

What is the composition of the big fixed network test by CHIP and NET CHECK? Find out the results here.
With our partners CHIP, we regularly conduct the big fixed network benchmark. Here are the results 2023.
Check your internet speed with our reliable web-based speedtest.
The NET CHECK test box continuously checks the performance of your internet connection.
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