KRITIS Consulting

We offer comprehensive consulting services for radio network operators dealing with critical infrastructures (KRITIS). This includes all related tasks, from the planning and commissioning of the operating center to the optimization and implementation of the required operational support systems.

Our services focus on the TETRA digital radio network which is used by authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) such as the police, rescue services, fire department and technical relief organization. In the context of digital radio BOS, we offer not only the network-typical operational topics of planning, monitoring and optimization, but also the management of terminals and security cards, which is important for trunked radio.

5G Campus Networks

We support you in building and deploying 5G campus networks that meet all requirements for network quality, eavesdropping security and interference immunity.

Our consulting services for 5G campus networks include:

  • Technical consulting for all aspects of private 5G campus networks
  • Preparation of frequency usage applications and site certificates
  • Network design and planning
  • Selection of Open RAN components
  • Network verification, monitoring and supervision

Network Monitoring

For reliable and powerful network monitoring, we offer NC TMS, a centrally controlled and autonomous RADIO network monitoring system. The system has an integrated database and can record, store and calculate all measured values required for a quality assessment for fast evaluation.

In addition to the AIR interface (Layer 3, Layer 2), the system supports automated voice evaluation (POLKA, PESQ, HASQUE). NC TMS enables an objective evaluation of the communication network from the user’s point of view (End USER Experience – E2E).

Features of NC TMS:

  • 3 encoder variants
    • Mobile/portable transducer (probe),
    • Stationary probe,
    • Control station probe
  • REMOTE configurable and controllable
  • Intuitive operation via graphical user interface
  • Easy report generation and fast analysis
  • No need for a measurement technician LOCATION
  • Reliable 24/7 operation due to a variety of self-rescue features
  • 3rd party support for ROMES, SCOUT, SAIL

NC TMS stands for TETRA Measurement System, and is designed to meet the requirements of government security agencies, private power utilities and transportation companies. It is approved for the evaluation of the digital radio network BOS according to the evaluation criteria of the BDBOS.

Sensor Solutions

Wireless sensors play a crucial role in radio networks, as they enable the acquisition and transmission of data. Therefore, they can detect and measure physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, light, sound or motion and transmit measured values to a central processing unit or a network for further processing.

We develop tailored within a short time, from scratch or based on your existing systems.

Our services include:

  • Linking sensors to sensor networks via different radio bands from 868MHz to 8.5GHz
  • Sensor connection to fiber optic networks incl. fiber-based power transmission
  • Agile in-house development and small series production
  • Transfer of small series into large series
  • Support with necessary certifications

System Integration

The requirements for networked systems are constantly increasing. 5G mobile communications, fiber optic expansion and, finally, the Internet of Things (IoT) are ensuring a rapid increase in networked devices and the need to continuously expand and develop infrastructures. We support you in successfully integrating systems into your IT and process environment.

As official partners of FNT and Infosim, we specialize particularly in the implementation of the FNT Command and StableNet platforms. The Command platform provides solutions for more efficient management of hybrid infrastructures for data center, IT and telco environments. StableNet is a network and service management platform for IT and telecom networks.

Through our long-term partnerships, our experts have direct access to the latest information and features as well as the corresponding training programs. This allows our experts to continuously educate themselves and stay up to date in order to recommend the most appropriate software modules and ensure successful integration.

Intelligent Localization

Intelligent Localization is an indoor-outdoor Real-Time Localization system that provides accurate location of responders both indoors and outdoors with additional real-time information transmission. For the deployment of this comprehensive localization, we combine different technologies based on Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) and Real Time Kinematics (RTK) to increase the accuracy of satellite-based navigation (GNNS).

Depending on customer requirements, we also integrate sensor technology such as for acceleration, air pressure or LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to detect building structures.

  • Localization accuracy < 5cm or < 15cm in motion
  • Support of security features like Biomechanical Person Recognition
  • Extension of the “4 eyes principle” by certificate exchange using location information, room monitoring and room surveillance

Our intelligent localization enables timely action in critical situations and is aimed at industry, authorities with security tasks but also at factory security, clinics and care facilities.


Energy2Fiber offers a new type of monitoring option for fiber optic networks.

It is based on power-over-fiber (PoF) technology, which supplies modules with energy via optical fiber without additional power infrastructure. The sensor modules can thus detect irregularities and transmit them to a network operation center in the form of messages and warnings.

In this way, nationwide infrastructure network operators, campus network operators and critical infrastructure operators (CRITIS) can detect potential faults at an early stage and prevent outages.

Benefits of Energy2Fiber:

  • Functional monitoring of the optical network
  • Monitoring of the infrastructure regarding destruction, foreign access, temperature, humidity, vibration
  • Power supply of 3rd. Party products
  • High scalability of the system
  • Integration of the system into existing fiber optic standard assemblies