BOS/PMR Networks

The complete realization of BOS projects with the NC PLAN includes:

• Coordination with the responsible state authorities and fire departments.
• Preparation of documents for the notification procedure with the RF measurements and measurement protocols.
• Determination and documentation of the radio coverage quality.
• Coordination and control of trades.
• Planning and installation of the system technology
• Planning and installation of the antenna system (RF cables and antennas).
• Delivery of the system technology and its HF components.
• Installation and commissioning of the object radio systems.
• Determination and evaluation of the radio coverage quality of installed systems.
• Analog, DMR Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 and TETRA.

The continuous monitoring of all RMS (Repeater Management System) installed nationwide ensures a smooth operation of all systems. A prerequisite is the SNMP (Single Network Management Protocol), so that we can connect the RMS to all repeaters via a VPN, GSM or UMTS connection.

We detect malfunctions at an early stage, report it via e-mail, SMS or visual alarms, and immediately correct it by providing technical support.


• Custom solutions to your challenges
• Support in application procedures for radio systems
• Research and case studies for sustainable overall systems
• Preparation of specifications and vendor-neutral consulting

DGUV Personal Emergency Signal Systems

DGUV-certified personal emergency signal systems (PNA) are required by the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaft) to provide the measures for safeguarding hazardous individual workplaces. NC PLAN designs and installs TETRA PNA and DMR PNA systems certified according to DIN VDE V 0825-1.

Maintenance & Support

• Maintenance according to regulatory requirements.
• Analog and digital radio systems.
• Individual maintenance and service contracts.
• On-call service and service support.


• Analysis of existing systems and areas
• Resource efficiency
• Targeted capacity expansion


• Detailed project planning
• Budget calculations
• Radio field illuminations
• CW measurements
• Frequency applications

Private Campus Networks

Complete solutions for closed, private campus networks. From design, radio planning, security requirements, to delivery, and installation.