The quality of your network determines customer loyalty, and your market position. Know where your network performance stands, from your customer’s point of view, and, in contrast, to your competitors.

Whether you operate a mobile network, or a fixed broadband network, benchmarking is critical for effective investment planning. It supports network optimization to improve your customer satisfaction.

Our reports provide performance comparisons and statements that are aligned with specific benchmarking campaign objectives (quality, management, and market).

With NET CHECK’s technical expertise, you get an objective assessment to evaluate your network’s performance from all critical angles.

We also maintain a decade long partnership with CHIP Magazine, providing benchmarking reports to evaluate Network-Provider fairly.

CDR Reporting & Failure Classification

CDR (Call Data Record) Reporting
• Includes measurement results (over 200 columns)
• KPI statistics
• Optimal basis for further analyses
• Result comparison from different angles
• Simple and efficient
• Quality control

Failure classification
• Short description of scenarios
• Detailed Failure description:
• Cell information
• Failure or Event Protocol
• Failure assessment

Cloud Infra­structure

Seamlessly Integrate your systems on the AWS cloud with NET CHECK’s team of experts. AWS is the world’s leading provider of high-performance cloud infrastructure.

Schedule a meeting with our experts to learn more.

Custom Web-Reporting

Enhance your data filtering capabilities:

• Improved visual representation
• Better synchronization between data tables and geographic maps
• Different display modes
• Online availability on different devices
• Recommended for analyses


NET CHECK’s tests come equipped with data visualization reports for mobile networks through: Drive Testing, Walk Testing, In-Train Testing, Mobile SDKs and Probes. Every measurement is used to evaluate coverage, capacity, and quality of service (QoS).

All tests are performed by our team and with our in-house equipment. We maintain 100% control over the process, and guarantee the quality of data gathered.

We read measurements that reflect the experience of the end user in real-time by using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art Devices.

We can strategically identify our crowdsourcing data nationwide and at the local level.

Data quality and data security are at the highest level, and complies with all data protection laws (DSGVO). Therefore also trusted partner of commercial, scientific, and governmental institutions.

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

The management, marketing, and quality reports provide an overview of customer profiles, and network performance.

To compile such reports, we use modern machine learning algorithms and AI solutions that are provided in-house.

Our service includes:

• KPI evaluations
• GIS supported data preparation
• Benchmark reports
• Trend analyses
• Call-by-Call Analyses
• Customer-specific evaluations
• Optimization proposals

Our crowdsourcing includes:
• Active and passive ratings.
• Detailed analytics such as mobile market intelligence, customer behavior, network status and usage, network quality.

Mobile & Broadband network optimisation

Technology will remain exponential. Network capacity management is necessary for market relevance.

NET CHECK supports you in getting the best out of your mobile network technology and maintaining your competitive edge.

This applies to 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and GSM-R networks.

Optimization does not automatically require new antennas at new locations, and it’s possibly achievable by adjusting parameters.

Our experts work out specific solutions tailored to each case, including efficient corrections and an optimal site selection for extensions.

NET CHECK Contact-Index (CX)

The pandemic early warning system uses statistical determination to visualize the number of contacts, a crucial asset in the fight against COVID-19. This project required, and still does, data accuracy and data anonymity on the highest standards.

A daily calculated value determines contact behavior in Germany. With the development of behavioral contacts, the contact index issues a pandemic spread forecast.

The contact index shows a very high correlation with case-based reproduction numbers.

We published our measurements in a scientific study along with scientists from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam and the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The case-based R-value can forecast two to three weeks into the future with high accuracy.

100% DSGVO compliant: Data protection experts audit all of our collected and processed data.

More about the Contact Index (in German)

Special Projects & Consulting

Our consultants are backed by specialized expertise in network assessment and optimization, which our customers find of great strategic importance for the development of mobile networks.

Our consulting team is composed of a network of international experts, and project managers for RAN technologies, RF technologies, RF planning, RNO, OMC support, CORE engineering, and more.

NC GROUP is strengthened by its in-house interdisciplinary scope, NC PLAN and NC SYSTEMS. We constantly work on improving our capabilities and supplementing our resources, to cater to your every requirement.

Software & App-Devel­opment

NET CHECK develops specific software solutions and APPs.

Our Software development is primarily a solution to process large amounts of data efficiently and automatically (ML/KI solutions for Big Data) as standard solutions can reach their limits.

That’s why we developed software solutions that scale with data volumes. Giving you access to valuable insights, key analysis, and strategic reports:

• KPI reports
• GIS-supported data preparation
• Benchmark reports
• Trend analyses
• Call-by-call analyses
• Customised reports
• Reports with recommended optimisation


NET CHECK’s Truespeed all-in-one app tests connection quality. Test the connection quality of a Website, or the streaming quality of a YouTube video. Measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and get extended information of current location measurement data.