NET CHECK’s Truespeed all-in-one app tests connection quality.

Test the connection quality of a Website, or the streaming quality of a YouTube video. Measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and get extended information of current location measurement data.


The quality of your network determines customer loyalty, and your market position. Know where your network performance stands, from your customer’s point of view, and, in contrast, to your competitors.

Whether you operate a mobile network, or a fixed broadband network, benchmarking is critical for effective investment planning. It supports network optimization to improve your customer satisfaction.

Our reports provide performance comparisons and statements that are aligned with specific benchmarking campaign objectives (quality, management, and market).

With NET CHECK’s technical expertise, you get an objective assessment to evaluate your network’s performance from all critical angles.

We also maintain a decade long partnership with CHIP Magazine, providing benchmarking reports to evaluate Network-Provider fairly.

Cloud infrastruktur

Seamlessly Integrate your systems on the AWS cloud with NET CHECK’s team of experts. AWS is the world’s leading provider of high-performance cloud infrastructure.


Analytics, data mining, and reports through testing and data collection.

All tests are performed by our team and with our in-house equipment. We maintain 100% control over the process, and guarantee the quality of data gathered.

We read measurements that reflect the experience of the end user in real-time by connecting the latest technologies to state-of-the-art End-Devices.

NET CHECK’s tests come equipped with data visualization reports for mobile networks:

– Drive Testing
– Walk Testing
– In-Train Testing
– Mobile SDKs and Probes

Every measurement is used to evaluate coverage, capacity, and quality of service (QoS).

Data Crowdsourcing – NET CHECK owns Germany’s largest database, generating over 144 million data points per day.

NC SYSTEMS provides data-collection for critical communications subject to special security regulations.

Mobile network monitoring

The NC TMS (TETRA Measurement System) allows for a fully centralized and autonomous 24/7 network monitoring. Developed for governments, security agencies, energy sectors, and transportation.

Mobile network optimisation

Whether you provide 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, GSM-R or TETRA networks, technology is exponential. Therefore, network capacity management is necessary for market relevance.

NET CHECK and NC SYSTEMS consistently meet technological challenges with future-ready solutions, fully equipped with network optimizations and end-to-end assessments.


NC SYSTEMS defines and integrates Operation Support Systems (OSS) and ensures optimal operational implementation. From network documentation, to network performance and service management, we exclusively use industry leading systems.


By choosing us as your Turnkey partner, you’re choosing expertise to act on your behalf.

NC PLAN acts as your general contractor, realizing the complete project, from planning, building, managing, installation to commissioning.

• Objects for BOS
• Personal emergency call systems (PNA)

NC SYSTEMS consults, and provides solutions for mesh networks to meet security requirements, whether it’s security against eavesdropping, interference, or circumstantial.